Music Jar – week 48

This week I have had the pleasure of listening to Joan As Police Woman. My thanks to Rory for the recommendation.

I didn’t know anything about Joan Wasser until this came my way. It’s been a joy to listen to her cool indie songs including the two albums of cover songs. Joan As Police Woman, Wasser’s performing name, came following her work with The Dambuilders, Black Beetle and Antony And The Johnsons, with a name referencing the Angie Dickinson series, Police Woman.

There’s a real mix of stuff in there, with appearances from other indie favourites including Anohni themselves. The songs have a European tinge and all sound like they would fit in your favourite 21st century indie romcom with a flourish. Wasser seems effortlessly cool in her approach and I found myself straining to listen to the various elements at play in her music.

A playlist of my favourite songs from this project is available on Spotify.






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