Music Jar – week 43

This week I have been really enjoying listening to Liverpool’s own, Zuzu. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my buddy Sam for the recommendation. You know me very well.

It seems that Zuzu had somehow slipped under my radar despite being exactly the kind of thing I would be into and should be into. That’s what Sam is here for – filling in the gaps in my knowledge.

There’s a lot to be said for an artist who sings in her own accent and from the start of debut album, Queensway Tunnel, it was clear that Zuzu was unabashedly Liverpudlian. There’s a cool level of skuzzy cool to her music that sets her in the same space as Sam Fender and Courtney Barnett. I’m always going to enjoy artists who are still making music that reminds me of my formative years and there are nods to it here.

On songs like Timing, All Good and What You Want, I wonder if this is the biggest thing going and I’m just out of the loop. She’s a fucking star and I am going to keep an eye out for any gigs I can make it to.






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