Music Jar – week 41

This week I have really enjoyed returning to the work of Marina / Marina & The Diamonds. F

For those of you who are not aware, Marina Labrini Diamandis (incredible name) is a Welsh-born singer songwriter best known for the singles Hollywood, Primadonna and How to Be a Heartbreaker. She’s pretty incredible.

Now, you may say, Paul Schiernecker, I thought this project was aimed at musicians you didn’t know. I’m gonna stop you there. While I had The Family Jewels on loop on my iPod, I hadn’t listened to anything beyond Electra Heart, which certainly left a decent amount of wiggle room.

Marina continues to focus on synth pop bangers, reinforced by the up and coming poplettes doing similar things. She’s smart, sassy and most of all fun, and that’s to be applauded in an age where everything else feels a bit like bullshit.

While my ears prick up anew each time I hear one of the singles I remember from my first job where we had to have Radio One on all day, there’s a general feel and quality to her work right up to Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land which was released last year.

If you haven’t listened to Marina in a while, then go and do it.






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