Music Jar – week 37

This week, it was a fabulous return with All Our Exes Live In Texas, a sentiment I wish I could relate to but a band I definitely can.

Now, to date, AOELIT (as maybe people are calling them) have only released one album, the brilliant When We Fall. There’s a folk sensibility there that a lazier man would compare to First Aid Kit, The Maes or The Audreys, so I won’t bother.

It’s the kind of cool, calm and collected tone that would sound incredible as part of a film soundtrack where the final girl is driving away from the horror of their 90-minute experience with the explosive remnants of a haunted cabin visible in the rear view mirror. It’s the sound of revenge, comeuppance and maybe even some cowgirl antics.

In case you couldn’t tell, I really liked it. As a result, I’ve scoured the World Wide Web for more but come up with nothing. Their website still boasts the details of their sole album from 2017.

AOELIT, I hope you are well and that you’re working on something new for us.






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