Music Jar – week 35

This week, I have been fortunate enough to listen to nothing but Fiona Apple. I did a lot of this during a 30 hour train ride from New York to New Orleans and immediately fell in love with her music.

I always had a theory that I would become obsessed with Fiona Apple as soon as I took the time to listen to her but something in me avoided that commitment which is odd. I can only put it down to a girl I knew who was a big fan and it felt like her thing and then it was too late and would have felt like an odd move to get into.

Fiona Apple has released five studio albums to date, across a career that means fans eagerly await her next output. There are elements of other singer songwriters of the era in which she emerged. Of particular note are Alanis Morissette and Regina Spektor tones to her music which may well have been the result of a “scene” emerging rather than inspiration being taken by one of the artists by the others.

Songs like Criminal, Under The Table and Paper Bag show the true depth of her range. Definitely one I rated and will continue to play on loop from now on.






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