Music Jar 2022

In 2020, I stole the concept of using a music jar to expand the music I listened to by putting the names of 52 musical artists or bands in a pickle jar, taking one out a week and listening to them, learning about bands I hadn’t taken the time with before. It happened to coincide with a little pandemic we had around the world which meant a lot more time indoors and at home to listen to those artists.

Following the results of my Spotify Wrapped 2021, I was shocked to discover there were only two female artists who had made it into my Top 100. It’ll come as no surprise that Edith Piaf and Mariah Carey were those lucky ladies.
As a result, I took to Instagram and asked for recommendations for female artists to listen to each week in 2022. I received so many recommendations that I had to cut a list of over seventy down. It’s an eclectic mix including Carole King, Self Esteem and Lil Simz so I’m looking forward to giving each of them a listen and letting you know my thoughts. I’ve also recorded who made each recommendation so I can thank or punish them in turn.

Here’s to 2022.
Girl power!

My Spotify Wrapped 2021:






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