Music Jar – week 40

Each week, I take an artist I don’t enough about from a jar, and try to listen to their back catalog in a week. This time around, it was northern Irish anti-masker, Van Morrison.

What I Knew Before
I was lucky enough to see Van Morrison perform at Hop Farm Festival 2010. A festival I just had to Google because it’s hard to believe the lineup. Van, Bob Dylan, Blondie and Ray Davies.
I knew the hits. I’ve probably performed Brown Eyed Girl in a seedy karaoke bar at some point.

What I Know Now
Probably the same as the above, with a sprinkling more of the controversy that surrounds his recent comments. Van (The Man) was the only artist I took from the jar and pulled at my collar over, worried that in a little over nine months, his placement in the jar might have soured.
Does his attitude change the songs he’s written?
Does the fact he wrote Astral Weeks excuse it?
Also no.
I’m here for the music though, so let’s park the Three Chords And The Truth, and get into it.

Favourite songs:
Tupelo Honey, Moondance, Have I Told You Lately, Crazy Love

Favourite album:
Blowin’ Your Mind!






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