Music Jar – week 8

Inspired by The Larson House, I put 52 bands/artists in a pickle jar. Each week I take a name out and focus on listening to them.
This week was the turn of empirical sad girl, Lana Del Rey.

What I Knew Before: Lana Del Rey is a mystical and beautiful beast who has a significant number of albums I hadn’t heard. I associated her music with a girl I was seeing for a while. There are memories around her first album, but they aren’t necessarily negative.
What I Know Now: I’m in the same mind but aware I have been missing out on everything Lana has done since I was into Born To Die.
Favourite song(s): Video Games will always have a special place in my heart but I also really like Venice Bitch, Summertime Sadness, Shades Of Cool and Fuck it I love you.
Favourite album: Born To Die but with a special commendation to Norman Fucking Rockwell.






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