Running into the past.

Yesterday morning I was getting coffee. This is not news.

I turned from the counter and bumped into a girl. I had not seen her there and I had also not seen her in two years.
Let me take you back. Fathom this out.

Three years ago, I trekked the Grand Canyon for charity (don’t like to talk about it).
Of the new people that I met, it was clear that there were maybe three who I really hit it off with. One of them was this girl who I would bump into in Monmouth on a Tuesday morning in 2018.

For a year after the trek we were the best of friends. She would leave these brilliant, rambling voice notes on my phone and I would have to return them despite the fact it wasn’t my preference. Regardless of what you may think, I do not just like the sound of my own voice. At some point towards the end of that year of friendship we had a stupid falling out and I think she told me to fuck off and we hadn’t spoken since.

The point is, don’t let some stupid thing get in the way of being around the people who are good to you. Good people are hard to find.






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