We love it when our friends become successful.

On 27 July I was lucky enough to attend the album launch of my good friend Davey Hal. As far as I know, I have never been to an album launch. It couldn’t have been for a kinder and more talented artist.

I’ve known Davey Hal for a few years. If memory serves me correctly we were introduced when we both on the same bill at a Play By Fear gig at The Alex in Southend. We have had many a cuddle since. Earlier this year, Davey asked if I wanted to review his album prior to the intended release date. Eager to get my hands on the first album from someone I knew had the talent to put an album of brilliant material together, I volunteered. The resulting review seemed to mean a lot to Davey and gave a boost to my stats so we were both happy.

Due to personal circumstances, Davey delayed the album until recently. The album launch took place at Metal HQ in Chalkwell Park, a venue not known for its ability to be a venue. I once performed at a spoken word event there and felt like I was talking about cunnilingus in someone’s lounge. Not for the first or last time. The album launch was no different. Unless you hit the sweet spot, it was difficult to line up in the space to see his support act Lillith and I was then lucky enough to see percussionist bear Benjy Adams play alongside his friend, while I tried to squeeze further into the room. Davey introduced the launch with Soothe The Grey and closed with Your Stone, both beautifully composed piano pieces that served to remind me why he is so good at what he does. In between he was joined for a full band for version of Nightwalking, Fingertips and Run With Me. I was in love.

It’s nice to see your friends but it’s even better to see your friends do so well.

My thanks to Davey Hal for bringing the album to us and for giving those songs the respect they deserved by playing them live. It was a joy to be a part of and something I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Materials Logic is available now on iTunes.





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