Well I guess this is growing up…

The other week I had to make a Sophie’s Choice level decision. I had tickets to go and see Carl Barat & The Jackals at The Scala but I also had a job interview at ten the next morning. Now I know you’re going to be screaming at the screen like when you watch a scary film and they hear a noise and decide to investigate, but here is why I made the wrong decision and am completely fine with it.

Now my friend Jocasta Devillenerve (it’s a fun nickname) and I often use our 2007 counterparts as a measurement of how far beyond our lives as students we have come. When we both suggested it wouldn’t be a good idea to go to the gig because “we know how we get” and both had important meetings the following day, the 2007 versions of us were swearing over a gap of eight years at us as we trotted off to bed to get our full eight hours before ironing a shirt, eating a sensible breakfast and delivering a coffee enema whilst squatting in the bath.
I’m down with the fact I’m getting older and my priorities are changing. There will be other gigs and there will be times that are more appropriate but major cringe coming, I need to think about what I’m doing and where I’m going with my future. Job security has become an actual thing I have to consider, not some half-baked theory concocted by parents to stop their kids going traveling or living some other kind of ambition. Don’t get me wrong. You should go traveling. See the world. Sleep around. Explore. Whatever. But on that day, my efforts were on sorting myself out and ensuring I could be in a better position going forward.
As it turns out, the whole thing has worked out and I’ve been offered the job. I’m really happy because it is something I’ve been looking to move into at some point and it will be really interesting. It means I get to be around the same supportive group of people who make going to work what it is and at the same time I can still be in an exciting area of London and still have access to all the things I enjoy. I’m keen to do well, I always want to be the best version of me I can and I’m looking forward to proving this to myself in the near future.
JD is still waiting to hear back on his job.






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