Book Launch speech

Last night I celebrated the launch of my first novel at The Alex in Southend. Here’s my speech:

I was told last night it was a requirement at a book launch to give a speech. Twenty minutes ago I started writing one.
I stand before you tonight as a man who has written a book. Before that, I was a man writing a book and before that still I was a man.
If you haven’t written a book then you are in that position, unless you are a woman, in which case you are still a woman. Regardless of any way you have been chosen to be represented you are full of potential. I would like to dedicate tonight to anyone who is sat on a good idea. I would like to tell you to go for it. It’s only because I am surrounded by such incredible people that I was able to start realising my own potential. I look around this room and see all of you who do.
I would like to thank you for being a part of this, especially Ben for introducing me, to Kate for believing in and for dealing with me in the capacity of both a girlfriend and a carer. To my friends and to my family, especially Robert and Edward who are never entirely aware of how much I am watching them and noting down every stupid word they say in the hopes I can turn it into literature.
I would like you to raise a toast to The Stamp Collective.






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