Good things come to those who….

Tick followed tock followed tick followed tock.
Black and white footage of horses on the incoming surf.
A pint of the black stuff.
There’s a lot to be made of it.
As a nation, and especially as a generation we are far too impatient for our own good. I look around and see people buying things on credit because they couldn’t possibly wait until they actually had the money themselves. I see people paying over the odds for a product they won’t use before it drops into the sale. I see girls who can’t wait for their hair to grow so pay out ridiculous sums of money for real hair extensions. I wonder if we wouldn’t all be a bit better off if we didn’t jump in to our decisions as quickly as possible.

Of course there’s a time for action, I’m not saying every choice in your life needs to be sat upon but the majority of the money we spend is wasted, and a lot of that I believe is down to an inability to wait. Tired of wasting too much money in the weekend immediately proceeding my monthly payday I decided whenever I wanted something I would add it to a wish list instead of buying it straight off. A month later I could decide if it was something I still wanted or whether it had just been a passing fancy. The fact of the matter is by the time you reach your mid-twenties you are pretty set for the things you need, and everything else is simply something you want.
I want more books. I have shelves full of them but I want more.
I want a new car, but until I can afford one and until my current ride (Pancetta) is no longer fit for purpose that simply won’t happen.
I want a house, but until I have the money I am entirely stuck.

Another example is the kind of benign platitudes that fill Facebook of a Monday morning.
‘Want to stay in bed’
‘Why isn’t it the weekend’
‘Sometimes I wish I could gun down everyone in my office like the Boomtown Rats song’.
Without the week you are so dreading you cannot get to a weekend. Without getting up and facing that Monday morning you claim to be dreading there will be no Saturday or Sunday. Without going to work there will be no money for you to waste on that weekend.
The ugly truth is most people spend the week griping about how it isn’t the weekend yet and then fill their bodies with drink and drugs to a point they forget the majority of the weekend anyway.

When you strip all of the wants away, there is really only a very limited amount you actually need to keep going.
Stop just taking. Start waiting.






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