Offers beyond expectations.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a launch party for a horror film with Sam, the editor of Screen Geek, my main source of freelance work. As we walked the frozen streets of London he casually said to me “Oh, you’re into your music right?”
I wasn’t entirely sure how to respond. Who isn’t into their music right?
“Yeah” I replied cautiously, “why?”
“Well these guys at this company keep emailing me about covering some talks at a studio. There were some big film scores recorded there so it would be cool if I could find someone to cover it”.
“Oh okay, where is it?” I asked innocently.
“Abbey Road” he said.

In that moment I tried to seem calm and collected, tried not to fangirl all over the streets of Shoreditch.
“Oh yeah, cool. I could cover that” I eventually said, feigning dull interest.

I’m not a religious man but I’m pretty sure Abbey Road Studios is my Mecca. Last night I wrote my first piece on it, an introduction about the history of film soundtrack and the famous studio. I didn’t realise five of the six Star Wars films had been recorded there by John Williams and the London Philharmonic.
It looks like there could be more to come of this. I’ll keep you posted but it’s exciting.






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