Blue Moon.

There’s something odd going on this week. It isn’t quite as bitterly cold when I leave the house. The sky isn’t the pitch black nemesis it has previously been. It seems Winter is starting to thaw out and I for one am looking forward to the Spring.

I’ve said before I’m quite favourable to the cold crisp days of December and the like and I’m not rebutting that statement but the appreciation of change is something important to me and so much feels more alive in the Spring, not just the obvious nature-related rebirth.
A part of it is I have so much to look forward to this year and despite my despair and attempt to rush everything along I’m enjoying 2013 as it naturally unfolds. I am even more determined this year, more driven and more overwhelmed all at once.

I can’t wait for the green and blues to take over from the black and greys.






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