Saturday on my mind.

I’m sat in my car. It’s amazing how nice it can be sometimes to just drive off and sit in your car. People assume you are just waiting for someone and don’t bother you. I’m not waiting for anyone although I do have an appointment.
The reason I’m here is I thought I had time to go and pick up my Mac before my appointment but woke up late. I rushed out the house, started driving and then realised I wouldn’t be able to get my Mac and be back for my appointment so I am just sat in a car park waiting for my appointment time. I wish I had brought Ham On Rye with me now. I’m very close to the end of it.

The reason I felt it was rush worthy to bound out the house this morning is I have an awful lot of work to do. There are two articles I’m working on, plus my new novel, a screenplay and I need to review my previous novel and short stories before sending them off.
It’s nice though. I like having too much to do. It’s a darn sight better than having absolutely nothing to do. I’ve sort of been on a personal hiatus as I waited for my Mac to be fixed and the day is finally here. I reiterate the lessons here.
With my Mac back in possession though I can get on with all of this work I need to do to pull me out of my nine to five funk. Please let me eventually break out. I’m not meant for this.






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