Embrace the cold.

There’s something about being out in this weather that does something to me. Not just walking faster to arrive at my destination that much quicker but something aside, something more. Everything seems a lot quieter and more peaceful when it is cold out. I don’t know if the temperature limits air waves transmitting but it just seems so serene.

According to my MacBook it was -6 when I left the house this morning. I might have to call shenanigans on that but it is noticeably colder this week. Last night I went to get in my car and the windows were frozen both inside and out. I don’t think we are too far from having to hide away in a library and burn books to keep warm ala The Day After Tomorrow. Was that film as ridiculous as I remember it? Thought so.

A bit off track there, I’m sorry. I suppose a part of it is the approach of Christmas, there’s something very jolly old St Nick in the air. Obviously post December this just turns to a depressing seemingly never ending chill but I say for now, embrace it and in the words of my Neg Pan Soc cohort Mike; the sun will come out soon.






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