That should be that then.

I am planning on writing a review of my NaNoWriMo experience but it will have to wait until the weekend, when I am not being battered about on a commute. It’s like a tossed salad up in heeeerrre! I’ve sent the first draft of Visions Of Violet to a couple of people and I am redrafting it but I’m onto the next project, and given how I spent the best part of an hour changing all my guitar strings last night I suppose it should be a set of recordings. The Christmas thing has moved slightly off centre, I do still have plans for it but I would like to record a near enough acoustic album. I have ten tracks, I make that an album.
I want it to sound as natural and organic as possible, I’m prone to throwing all sorts of MIDI trickery in over my tracks but these I would like to keep to just a vocal and guitar tracks wherever possible. When I can I want to record live and where impossible I will just layer guitar over. I’ll wait to see what it sounds like before I start blowing my trumpet (purely metaphorical). That’s next though. Should be good.






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