NaNoWriMo: Day 13.

Word count: 27,560
Recommended word count: 21,671
Proposed word count: 30,000.

Had some major dramas trying to back up my story this morning. I realised that I hadn’t done it in a week and the thought of losing ten thousand words eventually got to me and pushed me into action. It turns out that my antiquated iBook doesn’t appreciate having things jammed in it (not like that you pervert). I was trying to back it up to my external hard drive but it caused the system to run even slower. I got it done though.
On top of that I also have a review to review before I submit it to Screen Geek and I’m working on something else that is long overdue. I’m lucky I don’t get held accountable when I don’t meet the deadlines I set myself. To be fair I did make the deadline but there’s always more that can be done so I will try and fit that in today.
I’ve also got to work my actual job.

It’ll be okay though because Kate is cooking me dinner and I can throw off all my writing shackles and enjoy some time with her this evening.






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