NaNoWriMo: Day 3.

Word count: 5,007
Recommended word count: 5,001
Proposed word count: 10,000

So I didn’t write anything from when I put up yesterday’s blog up until today and there’s a good reason for that, I didn’t want to. I got far enough ahead that I was covered for three days for a reason and today is Saturday and my room is becoming a hub of activity as I drink gallons of tea, and listen to as much vinyl as possible and burn the candle from both ends and endeavour to double my word count by the end of the day.

Just because I mentioned it yesterday Jack White was awesome last night at the Alexandra Palace, I got to see him with his male backing band, when previously I saw him with the ladies. Each time that guy holds a guitar it just looks right. You can see him orchestrating the band with his free right hand in between strokes, he really is his own maestro. It’s a beautiful thing to see given the way The White Stripes ended, to see him rise again like a phoenix. He is most excellent.

Right, I had better crack on. Ridiculous self imposed word counts won’t complete themselves you know.






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