Last minute Sunday post.

I’ve just realised that I didn’t post anything this morning. I was going to but my brain wasn’t screwed in properly. I’ve had quite a nice day. Had one of those mornings where you just space out in front of the television. Watched the final of the Big British Bake Off which was riveting. Then we watched X Factor which was awful, having eleven people sing club classics is a fresh idea of hell for me.

After that I decided I wanted a haircut but discovered that absolutely nothing is open in Rayleigh on a Sunday. That seems ridiculous to me. I don’t understand why Sunday business hours exist. I need to do things on a Sunday.

Then I went for dinner with my best friend. We were talking about writing and politics and Elementary and women and travelling across Europe and everything else. It is so nice to escape for a couple of hours and just jumpstart conversations like that. Hopefully after November we will write together again. He’s the only person I’ve ever collaborated with.






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