Bank Holiday plans.

I don’t know what it is about having three days off of work instead of the standard two but it just feels like you can do so much more with that extra day. This weekend I am going to try and redraft a fat chunk of my novel because it’s getting on my nerves being sat there unfinished. Also I know the sooner I finish that and send it off the sooner it can get published (note my heavy optimism) and I can get working on my other projects; which are my book of short stories, the five novels outlined in my head, the EP I have promised myself I will write and record this year, and anything else I choose to do.

I feel a little bit stuck in limbo not being able to write, it’s different to having writers block, I class redrafting as just being a big load of admin, it’s not particularly fulfilling but I know it’s necessary. I just want to get on with it but it’s hard to commit to it. Enough of that shop talk.

The important thing to note is that I have three days to get on with it and then I can do everything else, switch focus, stop bitching.






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