Tupac from the dead.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched the footage of Dre and Snoop at Coachella this weekend with a hologram version of their old playmate Tupac (who was shot dead in 1996) and it is absolutely incredible that something like that is possible but my fear is what it is leading to. There’s something a little unholy about it. I completely understand what a buzz it must have been to be there, to see an artist that you obviously never thought you would be able to see, ‘singing’ ‘onstage’. My problem is that it stinks of the kind of defamation that Kurt Cobain being computer-generated and forced to sing Bon Jovi and the like as part of the Guitar Hero franchise did. It’s essentially a step above making a marionette of a corpse right?

I understand that the show had the complete support of the Shakur family but there’s just something uncomfortable about it. Then again we search high and low for footage of Cobain, Morrison, Vicious, Hendrix and anyone else who was taken before their time so is this anything different. I wonder how long it will be before another singer is drafted back to the staff through the power of technology. My money is on Elvis.






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