An open apology to Bon Iver.

Hi guys, just come in, yep, close the door. Alright Justin, put the Grammy down I get it.
Now I’ve gathered you here today to apologise for not believing that you could follow For Emma, Forever Ago up with a second brilliant album. I guess in a way I didn’t even want to believe it and that’s why it took me so long to get into Bon Iver; Bon Iver – brilliant title by the way lads.
I realise now that not everybody has to have a disappointing follow up just because that’s what the system seems to promote. So from the deepest of my heart I apologise and would like to tell you that Towers is one of the best things I’ve ever hurt.

Thanks for coming in, I’ll see you soon boys. Oh, if Fleet Foxes are out there could you send them in please.






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