#18 – Take a train ride across India

Ten years ago I was hungover. Not much has changed. On this particular occasion I woke up on a sofa in the basement of my friend’s student digs in Cambridge. Stale smoke sat up in the air along with any plans I had for the day. Ben, the aforementioned friend, wandered into the room and…… Continue reading #18 – Take a train ride across India

#7 – Fire a gun.

‘What’s Gunny doing here Jeremy?” My ears are still ringing. On Friday, the show I co-wrote, Delectably Dead, had its first trip outside of its home county. We headed to Guildford where we performed for eighty people at G Live. Despite how many times I shouted at it, my Sat Nav kept pronouncing it “live”,…… Continue reading #7 – Fire a gun.

#27 – Play Cluedo.

 Was it Mr Pink? In the observatory? With a draft excluder? We’ve all played Cluedo before, or have we? That’s a lot of questions to open with, isn’t it? Until very recently, I had not played Cluedo. That was why it was on my list of 30 things to do before I turned 30. How…… Continue reading #27 – Play Cluedo.

#11 – Ride a horse.

They say that horses are intelligent creatures, don’t they? Wait, am I thinking of dolphins? Or velociraptors? Clever girl. Anyway, one of the things I really wanted to do was ride a horse. I think I was inspired by Django Unchained. I can’t think what other reason I have for wanting to do anything. Ride…… Continue reading #11 – Ride a horse.

#1 – Write a screenplay.

It has to be accepted among “creative people” that it is very rare to finish up the projects we start. I have lost count of the amount of times I have excitedly started something, only to lose the passion for it somewhere along the way. Some of those things will remain unfinished forever, and I…… Continue reading #1 – Write a screenplay.

#25 – Go surfing

Surfing has always seemed like the coolest sport anyone can do. It conjures up images of handsome people with lovely teeth and sun-bleached hair scoring their boards and their bodies through the water as they escape whatever it is people hide at sea to escape from. I’ve always watched from the shore and wondered, would…… Continue reading #25 – Go surfing

#19 – Watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is probably the most famous gap in America after the one between Donald Trump’s ears. It’s the stuff of Wild West legend. It’s so big that in the day I spent on the rim, gazing out at that shotgun blast wound of Earth I only saw ten percent of it. Everything from…… Continue reading #19 – Watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon