Music Jar – week 39

This week I have been listening to an absolute legend, someone it has been impossible for me not to have some awareness of. A musical legend who inspired everyone from Jeff Buckley to Jordan Gray. It’s Nina Simone!

Nina Simone (as if you need me to introduce her) was an American singer-songwriter, activist and pianist. On top of those base level accolades, she had one of the most beautiful and iconic voices this world has ever encountered.

As mentioned, it’s impossible not to know about Nina Simone or to recognise her impact. Her versions of songs like Here Comes The Sun, I Put A Spell On You or Just Like A Woman aren’t just vastly different to the originals but cast the songs into a new line through her spirited piano playing and soaring vocals.

It’s the opposite direction that brought Nina Simone to my attention – in covers of her songs performed by other artists. In particular, I recall Jeff Buckley’s Be My Husband on the Live at Sinè bootlegs that I allegedly owned. There’s no escaping her but I’d never listened to anything beyond Sinnerman.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to Simone. There’s so much talent and passion within her that comes across in every performance and that in itself only comes from a true artist.






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