Thank you, entertainment

It will come as no surprise that in the last ten months, I have been absorbing a lot of “media”. I’ve taken not just to reading but also to listening to audiobooks through BorrowBox. I’ve got access to many streaming platforms. My Spotify Wrapped 2020 was an ungodly number of hours of podcasts and songs enjoyed.
This has been covered better elsewhere but it came to me as a shower thought this morning so I wanted to get it down. Where would we be without all of that? Right now?

Being able to read Michelle Obama’s book or listen to Carey Mulligan read Matt Haig’s latest to me. Having My Favorite Murder, Armchair Expert and The Comedian’s Tea Party on in the background while I work. Hours and hours of the same albums on to give me some sense of normality while I do anything at all – thank you Arcade Fire, Father John Misty, Charlie’s Hand Movements and Bruce Springsteen.

Again, it’s been said before but let’s keep all this in mind when the tide changes and we are able to do anything. I miss going to gigs and I miss bookshops. I miss sitting in coffee shops and writing, like the pretentious character I am. I would even go and sit in a theatre and watch some am dram production as long as it was done with love and the subtext wasn’t Brexit.
For someone who hates shopping, I kind of miss aspects of that too. The richer Bezos becomes, the more likely he’s going to go full supervillain.
I look forward to a time where we can put our money where our mouths are and support the arts again.
For now, I’m absorbing all I can.






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