A poem for my friends.

This one is for my friends.
My friends working full time jobs and still committing time to the things they want to pursue, their dreams, their calling, their passion. This one is for my friends who are working two jobs. This is for my friends who run on coffee, on cigarettes, on whatever they can grab and stuff into their faces between bouts of doing. It’s for the friends who are sat staring at a blank screen, a blank canvas, a blank expression in the mirror.
It’s for my friends who are working.
My friends who are between jobs.
My friends who are parents.
My friends who don’t want kids.
It’s for those who drink coffee
And those who drink tea
Those on the Red Bulls
Or lavender smoothies
Keep at what you’re doing
Feel free to talk to me
Between us we will smash it
And show the world what we can be
There’s only so many hours
Built into a day
So take them and make them
Shape it your way.
This is for friends on travels
Friends settled over there
My friends and their issues
My friends who shave their hair
This is for chemical imbalances
Occurring in minds
Haunted, often daunted
The cruel or the unkind
This is a message for the selfies
And your Vine activity
If you need to talk it over
Then come and sit with me
There’s only so far
You can get with an idea
Beforee the demons start to creep up
And whisper in your ear
Create a culture to combat it
One of mutual respect
Because it’s hard, what you’re doing
And don’t know what’s next
Find inspiration in funny places
Own how weird you are
Talk when nobody is listening
And sing along in the car
Always play with you food
Don’t worry about the mess
Because these things can be tidied
If they’re causing you stress
Get it down now
That idea, how it moves in your head
There’s a layer of confusion
That leaves once you’re in bed
Tell a friend if and when you need them
Take solace in their words
Feel free to just ignore them
If they’re following the herds
It’s the true ones
Often blue ones
You’ll want to keep around
They’ll push you back
Into the ocean
If your ship has run aground
Talk a big game, play one better
If you want to get it done
Tie up metaphorical laces
And break out into a run
Go the distance, in an instant
And make characters of doubt
Because it’s less daunting when you own it
And you control the mouth





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