Secret Cinema presents The Empire Strikes Back


Say what you want about Secret Cinema, and you do, at length, they know how to put on a good show. On Friday I was lucky enough to attend a screening of the down note that is The Empire Strikes Back in a secret location somewhere in our nation’s capital.
Now, a lot of people have said the ticket price could not possibly reflect the event. They said this before the first screenings had taken place and with the wonderful power of assumption. As Under Siege 2: Dark Territory taught us, assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. While it has to be said, if you are looking to Secret Cinema for a cheap night out then you are searching in Alderaan places, the immersive experience they offer cannot be beaten. There were times when I genuinely forgot I was on Earth. I experience this a lot but had barely been drinking at this point.


For nearly a decade there has been one man who is guaranteed to return the correct responses to my quotes and I was lucky enough to have him by my side, in a beige wrap from Topman and a packet of organic seeds. I’m doing my best not to ruin it for anyone who may still be set to go. Cameras are a complete no-no once you are inside and mobile phones are heat-sealed in foil bags to keep tweeting grounded. If you’re a fan of the galaxy far, far away and you want the kind of geeky night out that money can actually buy then it is definitely for you. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.



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