“Like if you wish cancer didn’t exist”.

Pretty redundant statement right and yet I continue to see it and the like (no pun intended) popping up on my Facebook News Feed.
While I have done everything within my power to limit the number of absolute fucking tools and trolls that block up my News Feed this appears to have befallen some of my nearest and dearest.
Of course I agree cancer is bad. That’s not what this is about.
Instead it seems to be some kind of badge of honour, a “you don’t know man, you weren’t there” update that cries out for attention. The original postee is probably sat getting a hard on at how popular their status has become and yet it is not actually doing anything of worth.
To do something worthwhile, click here.
How about instead of just liking a status you donated something to Cancer Research.
How about instead of buying your lunch in Pret tomorrow you made lunch at home and donated whatever you would have spent to charity. We are so quick to like the status and yet so slow to act.
The bigger ask is instead of liking a status, why don’t we rally the government to make further education more available. It shouldn’t be some elitist club like an Eton shower room. What if the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind of somebody who can’t afford education?






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