Last night I had a wonderful evening with some of the best people around. My girlfriend served up duck and dauphinoise potatoes that would blow your mind.

Over the course of a couple of glasses of wine I got into a lengthy discussion with her brother Joe who has set his sights on self recording, producing and releasing an album. It’s a goal I have thought and written about at length and it’s nice to be able to swap stories on technique and heartbreak. The joy of these conversations is that Joe has that fire to do it, it’s a rare quality to find in someone. We both work full time but are intent on trying to do what we love.

We talk about the problems of just getting someone to listen to what it is that you are doing, and how isolated it is as a hobby. We have both literally spent entire days sat in the dark in front of a screen and emerged with little more than a basic drum track. It’s what I talk about so often though, you have to try. Talking to someone who has similar goals is the only anchor you can have when it’s entirely your own project, it’s our own private Musicians Anonymous meeting and I thank our girlfriends for being so understanding.






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