Why I refuse to live for the weekend

I’ve noticed a trend on my Facebook news feed of people complaining about it being Monday, like they didn’t see this coming. I can only assume they are not aware of Mufasa’s Circle of Life speech. Surely this is the most immediate example of wishing your life away.

I love a weekend as much as the next guy but there is a lot more to enjoy, it isn’t just a link between the weekends, it isn’t the DLR, it’s the majority of your time. If you’re living your life for the weekend you’re reducing your life to 28.5% of what it should be, that’s depressing right. I decided a while ago that the best thing to do was to find wonder in the little things you enjoy during the week, I like Mondays because I secretly crave structure and heading to work is plenty of structure. I like Tuesdays because it’s usually the night I cook for my girlfriend and I chuffing love cooking. The week continues like that basically, you find some little thing to enjoy, because that’s what counts, it’s the little things.

It just seems a terrible shame to only think of your weekends as a time to ‘get messy’. Maybe it’s another example of me heading for being a cranky old man but I don’t see the joys in that anymore. It ruins my brain completely, I don’t feel right with a hangover, I’ve lost faith in going out on the lash, I don’t have the time for it, there are better things to do, it’s just a shame nobody agrees with me.






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