Stop ramming your beliebs down my throat.

I get the appeal of Justin Bieber, he’s a good looking puppy with the clean cut face of a Walt Disney wet dream. What I don’t understand is why his fans feel it necessary to go on about it. I have two tattoos and an iron deficiency but I probably won’t bring either up unless provoked. My gripe stems from my Twitter feed. Twitter is a fantastic tool for sharing news, music, videos, whatever but lately it has become overrun with teeny boppers (yes, that phrase makes me feel old) harping on about their latest boy wonder. I guess I’m angry at the soapbox they’ve been given more than what it is they’re going on about.

When I first joined Twitter the trending topics tended to relate to news of that day and maybe some celebrity gossip so it really grinds my gears to go on there and see the whole system abandoned for fangirl nonsense. I guess I have the wonderful gift of hindsight, I remember when Take That broke up and when Stephen Gately came out and I know that it is all part of a cycle. I’m hoping that in time Bieber will fantastically fall of the wagon and we can all just get on with our lives.

I wish there was a way to just filter out the stuff that has no interest to me at all, maybe a way of putting in keywords and never having to see them on my feed. Alternatively I could just stop procrastinating and get off Twitter, therefore eliminating exactly what it is that makes me angry. Then again maybe it’s because a ‘belieber’ told me to fuck off this morning.






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