#19 – Watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is probably the most famous gap in America after the one between Donald Trump’s ears. It’s the stuff of Wild West legend. It’s so big that in the day I spent on the rim, gazing out at that shotgun blast wound of Earth I only saw ten percent of it. Everything from…… Continue reading #19 – Watch the sunset over the Grand Canyon

Sahara Trek 2013

Like the opening scene of Lawrence Of Arabia I have returned to you from the depths of the dunes. I had the most amazing time, and will just not shut up about it. It’s not really possible to get an idea of the scale of any part of it but I’m going to do my…… Continue reading Sahara Trek 2013

Bon Voyage Ben.

Last night I met up with my friend Ben. We first met at University where it was discovered we were never going to be the loud and raucous members of the group but had a similarly disgusting sense of humour. Ben taught me about Belle & Sebastian and Sufjan Stevens and I will forever be…… Continue reading Bon Voyage Ben.