Category: Mental Health

  • I’m not brave.

    Firemen are brave. Malala Yousafzai is brave. Lightning McQueen is brave. I probably shouldn’t compare them. Only one of them managed to purposely lose the Piston Cup championship and still put Radiator Springs back on the map. Last week I published a blog post about my mental health. It was pretty personal. It dealt with […]

  • Sad face and silk sheets. 

    This photo is a year old today. I only know that because a part of me knew I would get better and therefore kept note of the date. I don’t know if you can tell but this is me at a real low. The lowest I had felt in a very long time. I got […]

  • Five Years

    Five years ago today I tragically lost a very good friend. How strange that time has been. I often find myself thinking of him, wondering what he would make of the world as it is today. There is no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t have been happy with the ending of Peep Show […]

  • WMHD 2016.

    While I was away I missed World Mental Health Day but this went live. I’m proud to be able to talk about what anxiety and depression feels like to me and want to spread awareness. If anyone is suffering then there is always someone there to listen. You are not broken. You are not crazy. […]