Plead the sixth.

For the last six years I have dedicated myself, with mixed levels, to this blog. It’s been something of a journey I suppose. In the way that time has to be. More than anything, I started it to make sure I was flexing my writing muscles and making sure I get the key details down. … More Plead the sixth.

Desert Island Discs.

This week I was asked what my Desert Island Discs would be. Unfortunately, it wasn’t by Kirsty Young. For the longest time, I have thought about what my eight songs, one book and one luxury item would be if I were cast adrift on a desert island, but until now, nobody had asked me. The … More Desert Island Discs.


As I sit crying, with a glass of wine and a cup of coffee, some Netflix original twittering away in the background, I realise that today is a day for reflection. I just picked out the photo album we recovered from my grandparents’ mass of books when clearing out after my grandma passed away. It … More 31.