High Variety.

Last night I hosted the first Six Presents High Variety show at The Alex in Southend. It was an evening of stand up comedy, songs, juggling, escapology and improvisation. It was absolutely fantastic. I can’t think of a time when I enjoyed being on stage so much. It was made all the better by the … More High Variety.

Quantum Of Horrors.

Last night I headed out on the utter fool’s errand of shopping at Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford City. A place so devoid of any of the warmth capable of a city that I feel it should be stripped of at least part of its name. My issue isn’t wholly with Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford City, … More Quantum Of Horrors.


This week has been absolutely crazy. I don’t really know where my head is at. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and chill for a moment. There is a lot going on.  Between family stuff, flat-purchasing stuff, music, writing and performance stuff including hosting a variety show at The Alex … More Busy.

Further evidence that my friends actually want me dead.

This week in the life of being me I became aware that something very wrong was occurring. As covered in my blog post where I went climbing and couldn’t stop thinking about Cyndi Lauper my friends seem to be on some kind of ridiculous loving life 2k14 health kick at the moment. I’m hoping it will subside … More Further evidence that my friends actually want me dead.

Internet mating.

I feel I should start out by explaining that the title of this post is not about jamming your old chap into a USB drive but is instead about making friends over the Interwebz. I feel I am now an expert at such things because last night I met up with someone I met on … More Internet mating.