The Wrong Writer.

As you are no doubt aware I have a very high-powered, high pressured job where every decision I make can mean life and death. I also am sometimes called upon to save a damsel in distress when the printer malfunctions.  To alleviate this pressure my boss gives us a monthly task. For February 2014 we … More The Wrong Writer.

Holding them.

In October 2013 I wrote up a piece originally written by my grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm Schiernecker about his experiences in Nazi occupied Amsterdam. It helped me to understand a man I had never really felt an affinity with. Unfortunately Wim was recently moved into a residential care home because he is unable to look after … More Holding them.

Flat beats.

This week I have become very popular. On Saturday I celebrated my birthday with cake and Dexter Season 5. This meant that everyone felt obliged to let me know how well they wished me. This was of course lovely but the popularity is yet to wane. Every day I receive calls and emails from people … More Flat beats.

Fifteen minutes.

Andy Warhol famously said that in the future everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. In the last couple of weeks I genuinely came to believe that at long last my chance had come, my 900 seconds in the spotlight, my perfect moment (as Martin McCutcheon would put it before she went off peddling yoghurt … More Fifteen minutes.