Under Nazi Boots

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I have an unusual surname. I get asked a lot about my family’s history, about the heritage of my name, my Dutch past. I’ve never really been able to learn enough to satisfy my desires. I know there is more to where I came from. I’m fascinated with … More Under Nazi Boots

Sahara Trek 2013

Like the opening scene of Lawrence Of Arabia I have returned to you from the depths of the dunes. I had the most amazing time, and will just not shut up about it. It’s not really possible to get an idea of the scale of any part of it but I’m going to do my … More Sahara Trek 2013

Sahara – Day 7

After another night in isolation we continue through the desert for another day exclusively in the dunes. Our guides, some of whom grew up in the desert, will both entertain and inform you during the course of the trek and where there is a Moroccan support team involved there’s always a lot of fun to … More Sahara – Day 7

Sahara – Day 6

My crevices are very sandy. Sand dune deserts are magnificent places to spend the night and on a clear and warm night you may choose to take your sleeping mat out into the open air and truly sleep under the stars. After breakfast the hiking continues – accompanied as ever by our team of trusty … More Sahara – Day 6

Sahara – Day 5

Today is the day when we get our first panoramic view down to the dunes of the Moroccan Sahara. The day starts with a straightforward climb over the Laouj Pass, from which, we will see the dunes of the Erg Chegaga laid out in front of us. At this point we will be able to … More Sahara – Day 5

Sahara – Day 4

I imagine I am starting to smell by this point. I’m probably whining a bit as well. This is our last full day in the Jebel Bani range and today’s hike takes us on a gradual climb along the ridge of the range towards the Tizi Laouj. “Tizi” means “Pass” in the Berber language and … More Sahara – Day 4

Sahara – Day 3

After our first camp breakfast we start our trek with a days hiking across the Jebel Bani. The Bani is a wild range of mountains to the north of the dunes of the Sahara, and the first three days of the hike takes us across an open landscape of Hamada (rock desert) punctuated by acacia … More Sahara – Day 3