Unearthed heroes.

There comes a time in the life of any young fanatic when you think you know it all. You’ve read their individual and collected works. You’ve trawled libraries and search engines for everything there is to find on them and then they go and pull the incredible feat of surprising you, from beyond the grave. … More Unearthed heroes.

Kit list.

As many of you should know I am headed for the Sahara in October, trekking 100km to raise money for The Prince’s Trust [read more]. I’m paying for the trek myself but I could really do with begging, stealing or borrowing a lot of the essential kit I will need. If anyone I know has … More Kit list.

On Feminism

“Why does Kate keep posting all that stuff about feminism?” What an excellent question, and one I have been asked far too many times of late. The answer of course is that there has been a resurgence in the campaign as a result of more and more men thinking it is acceptable to treat women … More On Feminism