The Life And Loves Of Jet Tea – a review

Jet Tea is a man plagued by the twenty-first century. Stuck in a series of jobs which don’t really do justice to the years of ability he has built up, and dumped by the first real love of his adult life, he bounces from pillar to post, and pub to pub, trying to find love […]

How to solve a problem like the Goth Detectives

Last night I was lucky enough to visit the Royal Albert Hall for one of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs curated by bumbling, coarse hero of the north, Noel Gallagher. The night in question was one of comedy, notably pegged as a show by the Goth Detectives; the collective term for Russell Brand and Noel […]

Abbey Road Studios.

I am not a religious man. Tonight I had the closest thing I can compare to what I imagine a religious experience to be. There were no choirs of angels. There were no pearly gates or elephant gods or laughing golden buddhas. There was just a converted house in North London with a zebra crossing […]

Me time.

This morning I went for a run. I decided to run as far as I could and then run back, knowing I would be forcing myself to run further than usual just to get home. All was going well until my ankle gave out about two miles in and I was left to hobble home. […]

Turn that punk shit down Tchaikovsky!

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. I imagine what I will be like in twenty, thirty, forty years time. I wonder how I will live, and where I will live, whether I’ll be happy or not. Those are the key details. Once you get those established in your head, you move […]