Friends in plays on Leicester Square and how nothing pushes me on like seeing others do well

Morning.What a great day for fuzzy heads.I’m a fuzzy head today. Are you a fuzzy head?Last night I went to see the final night of The Bastard Children Of Remington Steele. Written by brilliant comedienne Sadie Hasler, it’s a dark and twisted comedy about a group of orphans who take on the belief the fictional […]

Satori In Paris.

I’m currently reading what I understand to be Kerouac’s last book. I’m struggling with it for the same reason I struggled with the documentary What Happened To Kerouac? which I reviewed for Screen Geek way back when. While the book offers an insight into how Kerouac sees himself and Paris, it just highlights what a […]

The Bell Jar.

Last night I finished Plath’s only novel. It was my first dalliance into her world aside from the poetry Kate sometimes frequents upon my ears. It was an incredible book, dark and terrifying in places but with an excellent sense of humour. Plath’s barely fictional Esther Greenwood is a surprisingly forward-thinking and empowering character considering […]