Happy blogthday

Today celebrates one year since I started writing this blog. At the time I was going through some things and thought it would help to write them down, to reason things through to myself. Since then I have written near enough every day. On some days it has been a struggle, but I pushed myself … More Happy blogthday

Post 365.

One year in. Still going strong. I should probably write something deep and meaningful shouldn’t I? You know…. to mark the occasion. Love one another. No. That’s already taken. I have a dream? Again. Good. Very good, but done. I guess what I would like to say is you are perfectly capable of achieving whatever … More Post 365.

BBC Introducing.

Last night I uploaded two songs from my new EP to BBC Introducing. I honestly think they’re the best thing I’ve written in a long time and I can’t sit back and just let me and mine be the only people who hear them. It might not amount to anything but I’ve got to try … More BBC Introducing.

Her friends.

I spent the entire weekend with my girlfriend and her friends. Two years ago I didn’t know them and the thought of meeting them and spending time with them filled me with fear. I knew how close they all were, and how protective over Kate they are, and rightly so. Being with them Saturday/Sunday made … More Her friends.

Brighton weekend.

I’ve just got home. I feel cold and dirty. I spent the weekend in Brighton with my girlfriend and her friends. It was John’s birthday so we went to an eighties night at a club. I have an awful hangover today. We were out until about four, got kicked out the hotel before twelve and … More Brighton weekend.