Blue Moon.

There’s something odd going on this week. It isn’t quite as bitterly cold when I leave the house. The sky isn’t the pitch black nemesis it has previously been. It seems Winter is starting to thaw out and I for one am looking forward to the Spring. I’ve said before I’m quite favourable to the […]


My friend doesn’t like the freelance work I do. He says I am purposely trying to be pretentious about the films I choose. He makes a good point. I am not however at the stage where I can pick and choose work. I get what I’m given, like an orphan in a workhouse or a […]

Searching For Sugar Man – an almost review.

It takes an awful lot for a film to stick with me. Recently I’ve been watching more films than a cinema projectionist. I don’t want you to think I’m complaining. I love being a journo, I love freelancing. I love film. A couple of weeks ago I received Searching For Sugar Man from LoveFilm. I […]

Write on the money.

I’ve spent much of today writing and procrastinating from writing. I still have roughly all of Where Did All The Money Go to adjust.The good news is I’ve written four reviews and am listening to the album I still need to review.Last night I went to a double feature at the London Comedy Film Festival. A […]