Train wankers.

I’m on the train. It’s full of important business men on their way to their important jobs. They read the paper WIIIIIIDE open and they take calls on their Blackberry business phones. I’m on a train full of wankers. Recently it has started to bother me again. I managed to tune it out for a … More Train wankers.

Blue Moon.

There’s something odd going on this week. It isn’t quite as bitterly cold when I leave the house. The sky isn’t the pitch black nemesis it has previously been. It seems Winter is starting to thaw out and I for one am looking forward to the Spring. I’ve said before I’m quite favourable to the … More Blue Moon.


Is it wrong to feel guilty about holding onto a LoveFilm rental for over a fortnight? Two films actually. Am I going to hell?


My friend doesn’t like the freelance work I do. He says I am purposely trying to be pretentious about the films I choose. He makes a good point. I am not however at the stage where I can pick and choose work. I get what I’m given, like an orphan in a workhouse or a … More Warnings.