Train wankers.

I’m on the train. It’s full of important business men on their way to their important jobs. They read the paper WIIIIIIDE open and they take calls on their Blackberry business phones.
I’m on a train full of wankers.

Recently it has started to bother me again. I managed to tune it out for a couple of months but the self important arseholes just barge right back into my conscious thoughts. I think what doesn’t help their cause is they feel they have a right to push in front of anyone to get a seat. The other night there was a pregnant woman stood on a packed train from Liverpool Street. She didn’t want to make a fuss but I thought it was disgusting she didn’t feel comfortable to ask for a seat. What are these people going to do she is so afraid of.

This morning because it was raining most people were huddled under the awning directly outside the station rather than venturing to their usual spot to stand and wait for where their usual carriage pulls in. Just as the train arrived in the platform this guy in a suit tries to cut in front of the few people who had been waiting in the rain. I cut him off by moving forward and placing my hand beside the train door as it opened. He is sat opposite me now making notes on something. I’m going to drip the rain collected in my duffel coat on his patent leather shoes for the next forty minutes.

Blue Moon.

There’s something odd going on this week. It isn’t quite as bitterly cold when I leave the house. The sky isn’t the pitch black nemesis it has previously been. It seems Winter is starting to thaw out and I for one am looking forward to the Spring.

I’ve said before I’m quite favourable to the cold crisp days of December and the like and I’m not rebutting that statement but the appreciation of change is something important to me and so much feels more alive in the Spring, not just the obvious nature-related rebirth.
A part of it is I have so much to look forward to this year and despite my despair and attempt to rush everything along I’m enjoying 2013 as it naturally unfolds. I am even more determined this year, more driven and more overwhelmed all at once.

I can’t wait for the green and blues to take over from the black and greys.


My friend doesn’t like the freelance work I do. He says I am purposely trying to be pretentious about the films I choose. He makes a good point. I am not however at the stage where I can pick and choose work. I get what I’m given, like an orphan in a workhouse or a crack whore.
I know I write differently for other people to how I write for myself but that’s the nature of the beast. You can’t use colloquialisms and abuse in public writing. Some of the things I write on my personal blog are libellous. That’s why they stay here. I have different pockets for different writers within me. How is that for pretentious and wanky?

I am sorry if you don’t like the way I write reviews though. I thought you’d dig how cool it is I’m getting to do it in the first place.
Just stick to the blog. You know I’ll always write about you on the blog.