Thank you.

This will be my last post of 2012.
I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank people.
Firstly thank you if you have visited my blog this year. It makes it seem that much more natural and worthwhile to know I’m not the only person checking what I have written.

I would like to thank Ben Spall for his help in shaping me and the blog this year. He probably doesn’t realise how much input he actually had. I very much stole from his Life Rapture at the moment of conception. Despite what he keeps telling me I haven’t bought a .com domain yet but it’s on my to do list for 2013.

I would also like to thank Kate for reading each post before I have to tell her to do it. She’s inspired a lot of my love for life and shared a lot of my experiences this year. You should check out her Attempts At Self Autonomy blog as well.

I would like to thank Sam Faulkner for giving me a break back into journalism this year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the serene darkness and the geeky adoration.

I must thank James for his help in keeping me grounded, otherwise he will read this and Whatsapp me later “Oi you prick, I’ve helped”.

Thank you to Stacy for reading whatever I throw at her quicker than I can write it.

Thanks to Abby, Andrew, Niall, Stephanie and Hollyhock for your comments and assistance over Twitter.

Thanks to Lottie and Emily for keeping my faith. I don’t think you realise how much your kind words can impact.

Thanks to Jocasta, you are my rock.

I think that’s it as far as the blog goes, I would thank my parents but they don’t read it and if anything have served as a hindrance. I’m kidding. They’re alright.

Thank you though, it honestly means a lot.

I’m stepping up in 2013.

Peace & love.


Oh laptop, where art thou?

I’m beginning to miss Laptop, it has been a week since I took her to the geniuses at the Apple Solution Centre. They said they would look at it on Thursday. It’s now Saturday. I’m just shivering on the floor right now.

I want to carry on writing but the first chapter is only on that computer. I don’t want to rewrite it as it could be a waste of time and Laptop could be fine but I don’t want to start anything else, it’s on my mind, it’s the obvious thing to do next. Novel number three. Ho hum.

I guess the important lesson in all of this is to make sure you back your work up. I don’t even know how much stuff I have lost, or potentially lost. I have started different projects in the last two years that are near completion and the sole copy is on that computer. I had two episodes of a sitcom, half a novel and a bunch of short stories and it just makes me want to work harder to replace it all when that shouldn’t really be a concern.
There are two lessons there actually; back everything up and don’t take your Mac in the bathroom.

Quality over quantity.

I think there will come a time when I limit my blog entries. I’ve been writing something every single day for the best part of a year and I honestly believe that I am running out of things to talk about. It’s become a trial some mornings to get up the steam for anything.

I’m starting to wonder if it will be better if I only write when I feel inspired. That’s the way I go about doing anything so why shouldn’t it be the case for my blog.
There are times when I feel genuinely enthused on a subject and I will certainly turn to my blog for those but I can’t keep writing this as well as reviews and novels, I need to shift focus.

Will you miss me when I’m gone?

…and out we emerge.

I’ve finished being moody. I promise. Yesterday was actually very good. I am not entirely sure what I was so pent up about but it has subsided. It was really nice to be around a dining table with the people I love and after I got to go and play with my friends. For the past decade I have had the same group of friends and there are things that happen in that circle that just wouldn’t make sense elsewhere. We drift off and we get back and it’s the same. Long may it continue.
This year we decided to make presents as everyone is reasonably poor. I baked everyone Oreo stuffed cookies and in return I got a t-shirt with my face on it, a drawing of the five of us and a rather questionable DVD featuring all of us in compromising and photoshopped poses.
Ross and Luke are off travelling on Tuesday and I’m going to miss them. It’s strange because we don’t see each other every day but the fact that I won’t be able to see them is what bothers me. I’m also wild with jealousy.

In positive vibe news though, the days get longer from here on in.

Boxing Day.

What an awful business. It’s such dead space between Christmas and new year. I hate new year as well actually.

I’m sat in my brother’s car waiting to head out for another lunch. I hate waiting on people. I’m in a terrible mood in case you couldn’t tell. I would like to spend today in bed watching films but I am not honoured with such an option.

I probably sound really ungrateful but that’s what my blog is all about.


I’m up too early.
The house is silent.
I’ve never been able to lay in, especially on Christmas morning. I know I didn’t ask for much and I know whatever I get will far exceed my expectations but I just feel so lucky to be able to spend today with my family. That’s enough for me. It’s a hard thing to orchestrate and it’s the one day a year when good times are guaranteed.
I hope you all have a fantastic day, eat too much and appreciate everything and everyone that you have.

Kate done good.

Oh man, I was so spoilt yesterday.
Kate got me loads of beatnik literature and tickets to a Bowie exhibition and she adopted me a puffin. It’s amazing how one person can be so in tune to the things I harp on about all the time. I feel very lucky and very happy.
It’s my last day of work before Christmas and fittingly it’s the last day before Christmas. I’m hoping to get out early and go on some adventures.