Thank you.

This will be my last post of 2012. I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank people. Firstly thank you if you have visited my blog this year. It makes it seem that much more natural and worthwhile to know I’m not the only person checking what I have written. I would […]

Boxing Day.

What an awful business. It’s such dead space between Christmas and new year. I hate new year as well actually. I’m sat in my brother’s car waiting to head out for another lunch. I hate waiting on people. I’m in a terrible mood in case you couldn’t tell. I would like to spend today in […]


I’m up too early. The house is silent. I’ve never been able to lay in, especially on Christmas morning. I know I didn’t ask for much and I know whatever I get will far exceed my expectations but I just feel so lucky to be able to spend today with my family. That’s enough for […]

Kate done good.

Oh man, I was so spoilt yesterday. Kate got me loads of beatnik literature and tickets to a Bowie exhibition and she adopted me a puffin. It’s amazing how one person can be so in tune to the things I harp on about all the time. I feel very lucky and very happy. It’s my […]