2005 me.

I believe it was seven years ago today that I would have been filling my parent’s car with everything I had ever begged, borrowed or stolen and headed off to Buckinghamshire to begin my adventures as a fully flung student. It’s a time of my life I am still very hung up upon, a point […]

Touching base.

Last night I went out for cocktails with friends, I am aware that is an extremely wanky London commuter type thing to do but I am an extremely wanky London commuter type. They’re friends I’ve known since school, which means up to twenty years ago, and it’s an amazing thing to do, it’s like the […]


I am overwhelmed by the response so far to my fundraising. I hoped people would catch on quickly but the generosity and messages have been lovely. I would like to personally thank Kate, Emily, Terri, Mex, Luke, Antony, Jade, John and Stephanie for their donations. I won’t forget where that first £120 came from and […]