An ode to success.

A friend recently sent me a Bob Dylan quote and I can’t shake it. It goes “What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night, and in between does what he wants to do.”

It’s beautiful right? Well yeah it is but it’s irking me, I can’t shake it.
The problem I face is that I can’t be a success in my current job and I can’t apply for the job I want to be a success in.
All I can do is hope against all hope that somebody sees what I see in my novel and that that someone happens to front a major publishing house.
I fully appreciate what I do as a writer, and I am a success within the confines of myself but it’s hard to keep that thought running when you spend five days a week trussed up in a cubicle dungeon. I don’t want to ever be one of those people who settles into something, I always want to push it, push it real good.


Grammar Nazi me

I just called a friend a moron for using the incorrect spelling of the word ‘aisle’. I’m still trying to work out why basic errors like that make me so annoyed, maybe it’s something to do with my pride in my own abilities, or my upbringing.
I accept trial and error as being a part of life but I can’t understand how we can all go through the same curriculum and come up worlds apart. I know, I’m being a pedant.

Arcade Fire; Hyde Park 2011.

So I’ve managed to find the full set from Arcade Fire at Hyde Park last Summer, and I’m sat listening to it with a cup of tea and I’m thinking to myself: why wasn’t I there again?

At the moment I really can’t fathom it. I fell in love with the band on my first trip to Reading festival in 2007 and I haven’t looked back. I can remember coming out of the Carling tent having seen Seasick Steve and just being drawn in by this incredible band on the main stage. There was something almost spiritual about it, which I guess they would be quite proud of considering they were touring Neon Bible at the time. I remember just seeing all these kids dancing around like they were convulsing, people just lost in their enjoyment of the music and you look beyond that, catch a glimpse of the stage and exactly the same thing is going on. You’re talking about a bunch of friends who really love music, who appreciate and understand and enjoy music, and to which them play is pure enjoyment. They get so wrapped up in it, I’ve seen them twice since then and it hasn’t faded for either party. I listen to one of their albums on a daily basis and in my eyes they can do no wrong. I nearly came to blows with my own mother when she told me they ruined the end of Rebellion (Lies).

If you aren’t a fan then you obviously haven’t heard them, there really is something for everyone in there, and once you’re in, that is it.

Arcade Fire played:

Ready To Start.
Wake Up.
No Cars Go.
Speaking In Tongues.
Crown Of Love.
The Suburbs.
The Suburbs (Continued).
Month Of May.
Rebellion (Lies).
Neighbourhood #2 (Laika)
We Used To Wait.
Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)

Keep The Car Running.
Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Let the wild rumpus start.

I believe this is the third blog I’ve started. I struggle to maintain these things you see. I can’t even say it’s a lack of commitment because I’m committed to my cause as a whole.

The important things to remember are that I am determined, I won’t settle and that I am a massive creature of habit.

I’m planning on this being quite a broad blog, I’d like to try and review each and every little thing that I come across because that’s the way we human view the world right? Through the eyes of a critic, or as a voyeur, or however else you want to word it.

That should do, lets crack on.